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Capability Improvement Means Change

Posted on April 22, 2010 at 11:13 AM

Improving capability (people, process or leadership) inevitably means change. Management of change is a required element of success. Yet few of us do it well.


Let's say you've embarked on a process change that impacts a couple business processes and by default the people working in those processes and the leaders of those processes.

  • A good vision or sense of the end state is necessary but not enough.
  • Project management will be required but will not be sufficient.
  • Business analysis and design is absolutely necessary but won't ensure success.
  • Automation can be great but may not be as welcomed as you imagined.
  • Having the best possible people on the project can help the project run smoothly but does not guarantee the ongoing change will be a success.

Management of change is the glue that pulls all those excellent elements together. Rather than think of management of change as "that soft, fuzzy people stuff" think about it as a governance framework for making sure the time and effort you've put into changing those business processes actually results in improved capability.


The next few posts will cover some management of change basics for you to apply.




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